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Informational Letter 1

Information Letter – Numéro Un


Date:                              March 11, 2017

Meeting Time:          3:30pm, Buses leave at 4:00pm sharp!

  • Groups will leave their departure point at 4:00pm and then head over to the secret location.

  • Please arrive on time! The group will not wait for you. If you’re late, you will be marked as ‘absent’ and you will not receive an invitation to next year’s event.

Transportation:        By Chartered Bus

Departure Point:       Your specific departure point is available on your Member page.

  • When you arrive at your departure point, please check-in with your Bus Leader. They will be holding up a sign with their name and the Group Leader’s name.

Table Number:        Your table number will be the one as the Bus number.  The site will have markers to guide you to where your table group will be seated.

  • Please seat inside the bus in the order in which you will set up your table group for faster setup onsite.

Event Location:        It’s still very hush-hush! Shhhh...

Dress Code

  • White! White! White! Everything EN BLANC!

  • Originality and creativity are encouraged, as long as it’s stylish and tasteful.

  • All-white means no ivory, no cream, and no eggshell.

  • The only accepted splash of color: Silver or gold for accessories

  • Ladies: Elegant white ensemble

  • Gentlemen: White dress shirt and pants

  • Think elegance. Think très chic!

Recommended Attire

  • White Hats – Highly Recommended!

  • White Jackets

  • White Shoes

  • White Masks & Gloves

  • White trolleys, picnic baskets (may be covered in white fabric)

Prohibited Attire

  • T-shirts and tank-tops: Prohibited!

  • Shorts and Bermuda shorts: Prohibited!

  • Sport shoes and flip-flops: Prohibited!

  • Baseball caps: Prohibited!

MUST Bring Items

  • 1 square folding table (between 28”x 28” and 32”x 32”) and 2 white folding chairs

See the list of suggested vendors provided below

  • 1 picnic basket or hamper to carry your belongings

  • Print-outs of your electronic confirmations (online registration and e-store receipts)

  • 1 form of ID for each person (guests must be of legal drinking age)

Picnic Basket Contents

  • 1 white tablecloth and 2 white cloth napkins

  • 2 white plates and 2 dessert plates (non-disposable; no plastic!)

  • 2 sets of cutlery (no plastic)

  • 2 glasses (no plastic)

  • 1 complete meal for two: first course, main course, cheese, dessert, bread…

  • 1 wine bottle opener

  • water, non-alcoholic drinks  

  • 1 garbage bag

  • 1 matchbox or 1 lighter (to light the sparklers)

Optional: 1 vase and bouquet (colorful flowers allowed) or white electric votive candles

And don’t forget your appetite and good cheer!

Alcohol Policy: Please be advised, alcohol can only be consumed on site if pre-purchased through e-store/caterer. BYO is strictly forbidden!   

  • Wine & champagne (sparkling wine) only. No beer or hard-liquor allowed.

Anything Else?


  • Use a trolley to carry your table and chairs – Highly Recommended!

  • Ladies – Bring pair of comfortable shoes to walk in, the secret location is grass.

  • In case of rain, bring a transparent / white raincoat, poncho, or umbrella.

Respect the Rules

  • Be dressed elegantly and strictly in white!

  • Bring all the necessary dinner supplies

  • Respect your Table and Group Leaders’ instructions

  • You must be of legal drinking age and ready to show ID

  • Drink in moderation

  • Clean up after yourselves! The Dîner en Blanc area should be as clean as it was upon arrival, if not cleaner!

If you don’t respect these rules, you may not be invited to future Dîner en Blanc events.

Catering: Corporate Chef Cielito Rosado and Executive Chef Patrick Escobar

  • In collaboration with the UNE Culinary School and Chef, offer you a selection of 4 gourmet picnic boxes for 2 guests. You can find them on the e-store.

  • All e-store purchases must be completed no later than 3/03/17 at 11pm.

  • All purchases will be available on site and ready for pick up. Don’t forget to print your receipts!

Champagne & Wine

  • We have chosen a selection of wines and champagnes that make the perfect pairing with your meal, from B. Fernandez and El Almacén del Vino

CONSENT for PHOTOGRAPHY/FILMING: When you attend a Dîner en Blanc International event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. You can find more information by logging in to your member page at

If you have any questions, please contact your Table Leader (their email address in the email you just received or on the website).


Suggestions on where to buy the equipement needed:


SILVERWARE - Vitro Caribe, 787-630-6060,

RENTAL COMBOS (Table, Chair, Napkins and Tablecloth) - Jamalu Rentals – 787-795-2100


Amazon, Adams Quickfold Chair White $17.54 -

IKEA NISSE Folding Chair White $24.99 -

Walmart – Hercules Series Premium Plastic Folding Chair, White (Set of 4) $60.00 -

FOLDING TABLES (must cover with a white tablecloth)


Dicks Sporting Good - Field & Stream Aluminum Outdoor Table $29.99 -

Amazon - Cosco 34’ Resin Top Folding Table Black $34.00 -

Amazon - Goplus Portable Folding Aluminum Table - $25.99 -

Walmart- Lifetime 37” Square Folding Table $64.94 -

TROLLEYS OR CARTS (not a requirement, but it could make it easier to cart your items)

Walmart - Deluxe Liner N $18.53 -

Kmart- Poppycock Helping Hand 4 Wheel Super Deluxe Swiveler Shopping Cart $37.34 -



Guests can also contact Napoles Rentals at, or Akua at 

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