Posted by Alejandro Uriarte on April 25, 2016 | 0 comment

Dear Debsters, Registration is now closed.  Please, remember that no alcohol sales will take please the day of the event and there will be no alcohol allowed to bring from home.   You have until Wednesday at 10pm to make your alcohol and food purchases, don't miss your chance to buy your stock for the evening.   We have an excellent variety of wine from Almacen del Vino and food from Chefs Vivoni and Nassar.  Don't miss out on your purchases! DEB San Juan Team

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Posted by Alejandro Uriarte on April 23, 2016 | 0 comment

Dear San Juan Debsters, In order for pictures of the event to be vizibe for everybody else, please use the following #tags: #dinerenblancsanjuan #dinerenblancsanjuan2016  #deb2016  #debsanjuan2016 Regards,   DEB SAN JUAN

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Posted by Alejandro Uriarte on April 21, 2016 | 0 comment

Gracias a la gran acogida del evento, nos han permitido incrementar el numero de personas que pueden participar en el mismo.  Quedan menos de 50 espacios! Tienes hasta el lunes a las 10pm para registrarte, aprovecha antes de que se cierre.   También les recordamos que nuestro "E-store" estará abierto hasta el próximo miercoles 27 de abril para que hagan sus compras de bebidas y comida. Recuerden que no es permitido llevar bebida de su casa al evento.

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How are bottles kept cold?

Posted by Alejandro Uriarte on April 20, 2016 | 0 comment

One very frequent question asked about our event is how are champagne and white wine stay cold in a warm anf fuzzy puertorican May afternoon. The answer is: Ice Bags!! Our Wine and Champagne supplier B Fernandez, in colaboration with it's fabulous store El Almacen del Vino will provide the ice bags depicted in the post picture for white wine and champagne only.  Red wine will be served at ambient temperature.   We will have limited ice for distribution in the event, but we also encourage everybody to take some ice with them in a cooler if possible.  Coolers cannot be made our of foam please.  They do not have to be white, but they need to be small enough to...

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All Phases Open!!!

Posted by Alejandro Uriarte on April 18, 2016 | 0 comment

HOW TO REGISTER Select the direct link URL above, it will take you to the Diner en Blanc San Juan page and will import the registration code.  If the registration code is not imported, you need to copy/paste it into the Registration Code field Select "I am a Man" or "I am a Woman" and the Registration Phase from where you receive the invitation (Phase number included in the Subject Line of your email) and hit the Register Button. Once inside, enter your contact information and that of your guest.  Nobody can go alone to the event, so you need to register a guest with you. If you want to invite a friend and guest for Phase 2 registration, select the box...

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